Good afternoon. I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon. Today I am speaking as a private citizen representing no organization.


On January 1, two Central North Side community leaders, in a letter-to-the-editor published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, personally attacked me regarding my opposition to the proposed abandonment of the historic Allegheny Regional Branch Library building by The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

This personal attack included several erroneous statements, including my “belated opposition” to the abandonment; that I opposed the Children’s Museum’s use of Buhl Planetarium; and that only Mt. Lebanon residents can speak at Mt. Lebanon civic meetings. They also questioned whether I held a library card or used the Allegheny Regional Library.


Twice, I attempted to have my rebuttal printed in the Post-Gazette. The Post-Gazette has refused to publish my response to this personal attack. So, I will read my response, here and now:



Dear Editor:
On January 1, two leaders of the Federal/North Committee started their year by
attacking me (“Belated opposition,” Letters-to-the-Editor,
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Jan. 1). So, please let me set the record straight:
First, my opposition to moving the historic Allegheny Regional Library dates back
to 2006 Sept. 14 when I testified against this move at the URA Board meeting.
Note that I was quoted in Mark Belko’s article the next day
(“Library's new site OK'd,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2006 Sept. 15).
I expressed similar sentiments at the neighborhood meeting later held in
Bowdish Gallery of the original Buhl Planetarium building
(part of the Children’s Museum).
Second, RAD funds the overwhelming majority of the operating budget of
Carnegie Library. As a Mt. Lebanon resident, I pay the RAD tax like everyone else,
so I help pay for all of the Carnegie Libraries! According to Mt. Lebanon Library
Director Cynthia Richey, only 28 percent of the Mt. Lebanon Library’s
operating budget comes from RAD funds; and, she confirms that anyone,
from any community, can speak before a Mt. Lebanon Library Board of Trustees
meeting. Also, please note that Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees
meetings are not open to the public, a violation of Title 22, Section 141.21
of the Pennsylvania Code!
Third, not only do I carry a library card, I was a Life Trustee for the
Andrew Carnegie Free Library in Carnegie, Pa. from 1995 to 2000!
And, as a frequent visitor to the North Side, I usually used the
Allegheny Regional Library at least once a month.
Finally, I did not oppose the Children’s Museum’s use of the Buhl Planetarium
building; I opposed their removal, from the building, of several historic artifacts
including the Zeiss II Planetarium Projector, which is now dismantled in
The Carnegie Science Center warehouse. Now that the Science Center has missed
two deadlines to reassemble the Zeiss Projector, it seems this historic projector
will remain in warehouse storage, indefinitely, educating no one!
Glenn A. Walsh
Mt. Lebanon