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    Branch Library                2007 December 5


Good morning. I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon. Today I am speaking as a private citizen representing no organization.


Yesterday, I learned that a public hearing regarding a proposal to permanently abandon the Allegheny Regional Branch of The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the city’s first Carnegie Library built in the neighborhood where Andrew Carnegie grew-up, and build a smaller library structure three blocks away, was scheduled for Monday morning at 10:00, in the City Council Chamber.


This will provide very limited time to inform the community of the issue and of the public hearing, and likely it will result in very low attendance for this public hearing. Further, the busy Christmas season is always a bad time to hold a public hearing, as nearly everyone  is occupied with shopping and holiday events.


Is it not the purpose of a public hearing to really get the opinion of many members of the public, not just to satisfy a legal requirement? If so, then this public hearing should be scheduled in January, when many more members of the public are available to attend.


Further, to maximize attendance from people in the neighborhood, this public hearing should be scheduled during the early evening in the neighborhood. The New Hazlett Theater, in America’s first Carnegie Hall, would be the perfect place to hold this public hearing. This is adjacent to the Carnegie Library in question, and since the building is owned by the City, there would be no rental fee. And, I have checked the January event schedule for the Hazlett Theater, and there are many evenings available for a public hearing.


Yes, January is often cold and snowy. But, the people of the North Side are very interested in the future of their community and very concerned about their Library. I am confident in telling you that attendance at a public hearing on a cold and snowy night in January at the Hazlett Theater will be much higher than if the public hearing is held on a work-day morning Downtown.


I urge the City Council President to schedule this public hearing for an early evening in January, at the Hazlett Theater on the North Side.


Thank you.