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    Branch Library                2007 November 26


Good afternoon. I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon. Today I am speaking as a private citizen representing no organization.


Since last Summer, the Allegheny Regional Branch of The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the city’s first Carnegie Library built in the neighborhood where Andrew Carnegie grew-up, has been repaired and ready for use again as a public library. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has refused to reopen this library even though the groundbreaking for the proposed new North Side library building, scheduled for early Autumn, was postponed. The Carnegie Library Director, in statements before this Board last Spring, and City Council last Winter, indicated that money to build a new North Side building is still not available;


Since that time, I have heard of no foundation providing enough money for completion of a new North Side building. And, why should they? Insurance money was used to restore the Allegheny Regional Branch Library, and then Carnegie Library turns-around and asks foundations to provide even more money for a new building, while foundations have limited funds and there are many other community needs which require funding!


After being abandoned by Carnegie Library nearly four years ago, the historic Hazelwood Branch Library building, with a 250-seat auditorium, remains empty and unused. Is an empty and unused library, in the prominent center of Allegheny Center, to be the future of this fabulous building?


A large part of the North Side has been left with no library service, for more than a year-and a-half. Why should the people of the North Side suffer, because Carnegie Library management wants to build a new building? And, why should county tax dollars, funded through RAD, be diverted from North Side library service to other uses, while Carnegie Library continues fund raising for a new building?


The people of the North Side have waited long enough! The Allegheny Regional Branch Library is ready. RAD funds designated for North Side library service have always been available. The time is now to reopen the Allegheny Regional Branch Library to serve the residents of the North Side.


As you did at a recent meeting, I ask that you approve a “sense of the Board” resolution, to be transmitted to Carnegie Library management, that the Allegheny Regional Branch Library must be reopened as soon as possible.


Thank you.