Amendments to the By-Laws of the
Andrew Carnegie Free Library
Approved September 18, 1995

The following six amendments, to the By-Laws of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library, were ratified by the Library Life Trustees, at the Special Meeting of Monday Evening, September 18, 1995, held at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library. These changes, to the Library's By-Laws, were ratified at the September meeting as part of the settlement of a legal action brought against the Life Trustees of the Library by the Borough of Carnegie. Subsequently, the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Allegheny recognized these changes to the Library's By-Laws and the legal action was settled.


Section 26
Meetings shall be conducted using parliamentary procedure based on Robert's "Rules of Order". At no time will Robert's "Rules of Order" supercede the Declaration of Trust as written and adopted dated April, A.D. 1899.
[Special Note: This Third Amendment simply adds five words at the beginning of the first sentence; also, the words "will be" were deleted from the first sentence of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was originally adopted on Wednesday Evening, July 5, 1995.]


Section 27
It shall be established that missing two consecutive monthly meetings without giving at least twenty-four hours notice of a reasonable excuse shall be considered absent and this will be held to be one "cause" as under page 8, section 2 of the Trust.


Section 28
There shall be established an Advisory Board made up of no more than eight members plus a chairperson appointed by the Board of Trustees who shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. Primary dutie of the Advisory Board are to advise and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the good and welfare of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library. The Advisory Board will help in fundraising and activities to promote the Library and Music Hall under the supervision of the Board of Trustees.
[Special Note: Section 28 was further amended by the Ninth Amendment, at the Annual Meeting of March 17, 1997, to allow an Advisory Board of no more than twelve members and one chairman.]


Section 29
A Parliamentarian shall be elected at the annual meeting for a term of one year. He must be able to interpret the Andrew Carnegie Trust, By-Laws, and must be able to interpret and apply Robert's "Rules of Order", and be able to explain his reason for the interpretation. The Parliamentarian cannot be a member of the Board of Trustees. He will serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees, which may decide to conduct business without the presence of a Parliamentarian.


Section 30
An agenda will be made and mailed to the Board of Trustees along with meeting notice at least three days prior to meeting night by the secretary. All trustees must notify the president or secretary at least ten days prior to meeting to have their items placed on the agenda. This will not curtail any other business from being brought up at the meeting for the good and welfare of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library.


Section 6 is amended to read:
The regular annual meeting of the Board of Trustees shall be held on the third Monday of March each year, at 7 o'clock p.m., in the Andrew Carnegie Free Library, at which meeting officers of the Board shall be elected, statements and reports of Officers and Committees of the previous year received, and such other business transacted as may properly be brought before the meeting. Regular meetings to be held at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library on the third Monday of each and every month thereafter, at the same hour. Special meetings of the Board may be held at the call of the President, or of any three Trustees, and notice of such meeting shall recite the request and object for which such meeting is called.

Notices in writing of all meetings shall be given by the Secretary, or in his absence or inability to act, by any other officer of the Board, to each Trustee, by mailing the same to his address not later than ten days before the annual meeting, and not less than three days before any regular or special or adjourned meeting.

Meetings of the Executive Committee and of other Standing Committees shall be held upon the call of their respective Chairmen, upon such notice as may be determined by the Committee.

No one may speak more than five minutes on any issue and all comments must be directed to the Chairperson.

[Special Note: Section 6 was substantially amended, again, by the Tenth Amendment, at the Special Meeting of January 5, 1998.]

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