Screening mammograms for women, age 40 and older, will be offered again this year at the Library. This year, mammogram tests will be given Wednesday, July 12 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

All women in Western Pennsylvania, age 40 and over, are encouraged to register for a screening mammogram. Women younger than age 40 may also participate; however, they must have a prescription from their physician to do so. Each screening mammogram takes less than a half-hour.

African-American women are particularly encouraged to have a screening mammogram. Although these women have fewer cases of breast cancer than women of other races do, those African-American women who do contract breast cancer are often diagnosed too late.

The charge for screening mammograms, which will be billed to a woman's insurance plan, will not exceed $20; women are responsible for the portion of the fee not covered by insurance. If an insurance plan requires a referral, for a screening mammogram, it is the woman's responsibility to obtain the referral. Special assistance is available for those women with no insurance.

Appointments are necessary for a mammogram screening, but appointments cannot be made before May. Beginning in May, telephone the Library at (412) 276-3456 to learn how to arrange for an appointment.