Dara A. Shimek, the long-time volunteer manager in the Library's Discount Bookstore, also worked as an employee in a local Wal-Mart. Employees of Wal-Mart are encouraged to contribute volunteer time to local non-profit organizations.

Recently, Dara was recognized by Wal-Mart for the large number of hours she volunteers at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library. She received the"Volunteerism Always Pays" award from the local department store. In addition to this award, Wal-Mart also presented a check for one hundred dollars to the Library!

In addition to Dara, several other, very dedicated, volunteers help the Library on a weekly basis: Marisa Kovanis, Patricia Morris, Ruth Nirella, Anne Polc, and Rena Popivchak in the Library, and Robert Boyd and James DeAngelis in the Civil War Museum. The Andrew Carnegie Free Library is proud of Dara's achievement and also grateful for the many hours of volunteer time contributed by many volunteers, throughout the year.



The Andrew Carnegie Free Library appreciates library patrons who donate books for resale in the Library's Discount Bookstore. The Discount Bookstore, which is always open when the Library is open to the public, is located on the lower level of the Library.

For patrons who do wish to donate books for the Discount Bookstore, we do ask that you refrain from donating old textbooks, law books, or sets of encyclopedias, which are more than five years old. Few people purchase these types of books and space in the Discount Bookstore must be reserved for books people are more likely to purchase. We thank you for your consideration in this matter.