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Carnegie, Pa., May 30 - One in eight women will develop breast cancer sometime during her life. The key to successfully treating breast cancer is early diagnosis, and the key to early diagnosis is early detection.

Screening mammograms will be offered, to women age 40 and over, on Wednesday, July 12 at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library, 300 Beechwood Avenue in Carnegie Borough. This valuable health screening, for signs of breast cancer, will be provided by the Allegheny General Hospital Mobile Mammography Program. Advance appointments are necessary; the number of appointments is limited.

The charge for screening mammograms, which will be billed to a woman's insurance plan, will not exceed $20; women are responsible for the portion of the fee not covered by insurance. If an insurance plan requires a referral, for a screening mammogram, it is the woman's responsibility to obtain the referral. Special financial assistance is available for those women with no insurance.

All women in Western Pennsylvania, age 40 and over, are encouraged to register for a screening mammogram. Women younger than age 40 may also participate; however, they must have a prescription from their physician to do so. Each screening mammogram takes less than a half-hour.

African-American women are particularly encouraged to have a screening mammogram. Although these women have fewer cases of breast cancer than women of other races do, those African-American women who do contract breast cancer are often diagnosed too late.

The Allegheny General Hospital Mobile Mammography Program is accredited by the American College of Radiology. It is a joint venture with Rite Aid, Mellon Bank, and KDKA-TV 2.

Allegheny General's Mobile Mammography Unit will only be at the Library one day, so there is a limited number of appointments available. To schedule your appointment, or receive more information, call (412) 359-6055 today.

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