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                                                2009 May 18


Good evening. I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon. Today I am speaking as a private citizen representing no organization.


Last month, the scheduled ACLA Board meeting was cancelled. Apparently, someone thought the current financial condition of Allegheny County libraries did not require a monthly meeting. So, apparently, Allegheny County libraries are expected to fend for themselves, so long as they do not run afoul of ACLA edicts!


With the possible exception of one Summer month and perhaps a holiday month, most Boards of Directors of major organizations hold meetings once a month—at the least! This is required for proper oversight of the functions and fiduciary responsibilities of the organization.


Canceling regularly-scheduled meetings is a bad idea for several reasons:


1)      Canceling meetings reduces input of Board members into the organization and reduces representation of the Board members who represent constituencies.

2)      Canceling meetings discourages public attendance, particularly if the public finds out about the cancelled meeting upon reaching the meeting room.

3)      Canceling meetings reduces input of the general public into the organization. Fewer meetings mean fewer opportunities for the public to speak.


I thought each member of the Board of Directors of the Allegheny County Library Association joined the Board to help Allegheny County libraries, fully realizing this meant attending regularly-scheduled meetings each month. If some Board members find monthly meetings too bothersome, I am sure there are other library advocates who would be willing to serve in their places.


Thank you.