MINUTES for the Annual Meeting and the Regular, Monthly Meeting of the Board of Trustees Monday, March 17, 1997, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Trustees' Room, Second Floor, Andrew Carnegie Free Library PRESENT: Trustees: Jean Leipold(President), Rosanna Bogats, Douglas Dombrowski, Daniel Duvall, Arnold Falcioni, Lawrence Harkovich, Robert Heinrich, Mary Hof, Elizabeth Martin, Helen Shick, Robert Valeriano, Glenn Walsh. Advisors: Al Falcioni, Marcella McGrogan. Library Director: Mary Malysko. ABSENT: Trustees: Emmett Freshwater, Louise Huehn, James Nelson, David Pierce, Kurt Saunders*. *Special Note: Kurt Saunders has resigned from the Board of Trustees, effective at the end of the meeting on March 17. Special Meeting: It was announced that, as stipulated in the Library's By-Laws, three Trustees have called a Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees for Thursday, March 27, 1997 at 7:00 p.m. Although not specified in the request, Trustees Arnold Falcioni, Lawrence Harkovich, and Robert Heinrich stated, at the March 17 meeting, that the special meeting is to discuss funding for the Library; they requested that this meeting be held in the Council Chamber of the Borough of Carnegie, One Glass Street, Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106-4494. It was specifically requested that the Secretary notify all members of the Advisory Board of this meeting. Executive Session: The Board of Trustees went into Executive Session to consider the annual contract for the Library Director; only Trustees, present, attended this Executive Session. Motion - To approve the 1997 annual contract for the Library Director. Motion Approved. President's Report: Two upcoming workshops and the annual Trustees' Institute scheduled for the Airport Mariott Hotel on May 2 and 3; Elizabeth Martin and Glenn Walsh indicated they would attend the Trustees' Institute(RSVP deadline is March 21). The Library Director signed and submitted the annual document providing for participation in the Access Pennsylvania program. Nick Fisfis, President of the Board of Trustees of the Bethel Park Public Library, sent the Library a copy of a letter sent to the Allegheny County Library Association, regarding the proposed Federated Library System. Letter from the County of Allegheny, Department of Economic Development, indicating that funding for a handicapped ramp[$15,000], for the Andrew Carnegie Free Library, has been reprogrammed; it was stated that a new application for such funding could be executed at any time in the future. Letter received from Commonwealth Libraries regarding the On-Line Pennsylvania Libraries Project. Letter received from the Electronic Information Network(EIN), regarding the cost-breakdown of individual pieces of computer equipment donated by the EIN to the Library; other Allegheny County libraries had requested this breakdown for security and insurance purposes. Ben Franklin Challenge Grant application was received. First Carnegie Deposit, the new name for First Federal Savings and Loan of Carnegie, has sent an invitation for attendance of their annual meeting on March 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the Bank building on East Main Street; the Library's Endowment Fund and Centennial Pathway account is with this institution. Trustee Kurt Saunders submitted a letter of resignation, from the Board of Trustees of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library. Advisory Board: Motion - To change Library By-Laws to provide for an Advisory Board of no more than twelve members and one chairman. Moved: Robert Valeriano; Second: Douglas Dombrowski; Vote - Aye: Jean Leipold(President), Rosanna Bogats, Douglas Dombrowski, Daniel Duvall, Arnold Falcioni, Lawrence Harkovich, Robert Heinrich, Mary Hof, Elizabeth Martin, Helen Shick, Robert Valeriano, Glenn Walsh. Nay: no one. Abstentions: no one. Having met the two-thirds approval requirement, provided for in the By-Laws, this amendment to the By-Laws is approved and the By-Laws are so amended. Andrew Carnegie Free Library Board Minutes for March 17, 1997 Page 2 of 4 Motion - To offer a position on the Advisory Board to the following: Charles Goetz, William English, William Mamby, and Larry Wind. Moved: Robert Valeriano; Second: Arnold Falcioni. Vote - Aye: 12; Nay: 0; Abstentions: 0. Nominating Committee; Election of Officers: The Nominating Committee held no meetings. It was announced that Jean Leipold would not be running for another term as President; it was announced that Mary Hof would not be running for another term as Secretary. Motion - To nominate Elizabeth Martin as President. Moved: Mary Hof; Second: Helen Shick. Motion - To nominate Jean Leipold as Vice President. Moved: Elizabeth Martin; Second: Helen Shick. Motion - To nominate Robert Valeriano as Treasurer. Moved: Mary Hof; Second: Rosanna Bogats. Motion - To nominate Rosanna Bogats as Assistant Treasurer. Moved: Helen Shick; Second: Robert Valeriano. There was no motion for the office of Secretary, as no Trustee indicated an interest in this position, at this time. Glenn Walsh agreed to be Acting Secretary until the April Board meeting; Jean Leipold agreed to be Acting Secretary for the April Board meeting. Vote - QUORUM PRESENT FOR MOTIONS AND VOTE - Vote, for the election of officers, was held by secret ballot, as prescribed in the By-Laws. All candidates, nominated, were elected as officers of the Library Board by a majority of seven votes, with the exception of the office of President in which the nominated candidate received six votes. Robert Valeriano questioned whether the By-Laws permit the election of an officer by less than seven votes. Al Falcioni, Library Board Parliamentarian, said he would research the matter. Election Results: President: To be determined; Jean Leipold will continue as President until her successor is qualified. Vice President: Jean Leipold. Secretary: None. Glenn Walsh will be Acting Secretary until the April Board meeting; Jean Leipold will be Acting Secretary at the April Board meeting. Treasurer: Robert Valeriano. Assistant Treasurer: Rosanna Bogats. Committee on Finance: The Treasurer announced that nearly all past-due bills had been paid. The Assistant Treasurer reported that the current balance, in the Library's checking account at Mellon Bank, is $624.26. Glenn Walsh reported that three government grants would be received by the end of the month: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Basic Aid(second and last installment): approx. $1,200; ACLA/ARAD Basic Distribution(monthly): approx. $2,100; ACLA/ARAD Regional Use Reimbursement(quarterly): approx. $3,000. Glenn Walsh warned that we would not be receiving $6,000 in government grants every month. Advisory Board Meeting: Al Falcioni reported that the following items were discussed at the last meeting of the Advisory Board: Fundraising-Resident Drive and Business Drive; Handicapped Ramp. Al Falcioni will telephone the Advisors and relay the importance of attending the Special Board of Trustees meeting on March 27. Al Falcioni reported that the floor tiles, to be donated for carpeting the Library, will not be available for the proposed two-week closing of the Library in April; they may become available in May. He is seeking assistance from the Lions and Rotary clubs, Library rental groups, and Borough employees for the laying of these tiles. Advisor Dan Straughn is looking into the possibility of state "WAM" funding for the Library; Mr. Straughn is an Aide for State Representative Ivan Itkin. The next Advisory Board meeting is Thursday, April 17, 1997 at 7:00 p.m. in the Trustees' Room of the Library. Al Falcioni will need keys to the room and the front door of the building, for this meeting; Glenn Walsh will have keys made for Mr. Falcioni. Andrew Carnegie Free Library Board Minutes for March 17, 1997 Page 3 of 4 Library Audit: As authorized at the last Board meeting, Robert Valeriano reported that the Library has contracted with the auditing firm of McGee and Maruca, for preparation of the Library's annual audit; such an audit is required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Allegheny County Library Association, for the receipt of State and Allegheny Regional Asset District funds. Mr. Valeriano reported that this was the third and lowest bid received for the audit; two other bids had been received, prior to the February Board meeting, for this work. McGee and Maruca specialize in audits of nonprofit organizations; the Allegheny County Library Association has used this firm in the past. Proposed Temporary Closing of Library: It was proposed that the Andrew Carnegie Free Library close, temporarily, for two weeks in April, to allow the staff automate the Library's book collection; adhesive barcodes need to be placed on every book in the Library, to allow computerized circulation of the Library's books. Mary Malysko reported that four or five staff members would be needed to work from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each weekday of the closing period, to complete this task; several volunteers would also be assisting with this project. It was first proposed that the Library close the first two weeks of April. However, due to the need to publicize the closing, and the fact that one Librarian is not available the first week of April, it was proposed that the Library would close the second and third weeks of April; Ms. Malysko will make the final determination regarding actual closing dates. Glenn Walsh will check, with the Allegheny County Library Association, regarding the dates of the quarterly sampling period for Access Pennsylvania and Regional Use Reimbursement. Committee on Music and Entertainment(Rentals): Elizabeth Martin announced that the Trustees' Room had been rented to a group called Lifespring, for a program promoting a motivational seminar series. A Ukranian group is scheduled to rent the Music Hall. Electrical Work in Library: Elizabeth Martin announced that a contract will soon be let for electrical work needed in the Library; this includes the erection of a subpanel box. Labor and materials will cost $1,300; inspection will cost $100; and fluorescent lights in the gynasium, in the basement, will cost $50-60. Glenn Walsh indicated that a little more than $900, from the Electronic Information Network(EIN) grant, can be used for the electrical work specifically related to the already installed computers; a little less than $900 had been spent, from this grant, for computer cabling. The total EIN grant totalled $1,800; application for these funds have been made, but the grant has not yet been received by the Library. Air Handler Filter Donation: Glenn Walsh reported that Vic Davidson of Crafton(native of Carnegie) has stated his intention to donate fifty filters for the Library's air handler system. Due to the thinness of the donated filters, two donated filters would have to be used each time the filters are changed. This donation has not yet occurred. Library Director's Report: Mary Malysko reported that circulation for February, 1997 reached 2,672 compared to 2,706 in Februrary of 1996. Judy Grega, Children's Coordinator, has resumed the weekly children's storytime. Library Aide Tiffany Vetter will be taking a maternity leave, beginning March 22; Josephine Vetter has been hired to replace her. Judy Grega is now only available one or two days a week; an Assistant Children's Coordinator is being sought to makeup for the time Ms. Grega is unavailable. Committee on Library: Glenn Walsh reported that the Saturday morning Internet classes, for the public, have been a big success; Mr. Walsh teaches these classes. Ed McDermott of Internet Technology Consulting in Oakdale, has volunteered to prepare donated(non-EIN) computers for use in word processing and children's educational games, for use by the public. Christina Giovas, formerly of Greenvalley Drive in Scott Township, donated two tables, computer, and video cassette recorder to the Library. Library listings were submitted for the biennial "Discover Pittsburgh" booklet, published by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. This publication will be distributed with the May 4 issue of the newspaper; Andrew Carnegie Free Library Board Minutes for March 17, 1997 Page 4 of 4 the Library will receive five hundred copies of the booklet, at no charge, for free distribution to the public. National Volunteer Week AND National Library Week both occur during the week of April 13 to 19, 1997. Civil War Museum: James J. White, Curator of Art and Chief Research Scholar at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie-Mellon University, has indicated a great interest in assisting with fundraising efforts to benefit the Civil War Museum. Mr. White, who is a new member of the Ninth Pennsylvania Reserves Civil War reenactment group, has sent for a grant application form from the National Endowment for the Humanities. He will work with Mr. Walsh in preparing this grant application. Proposed Federated Library System: Due to the lateness of the hour, discussion of this issue was deferred to the next Board meeting. Adjournment. Respectfully submitted, Glenn A. Walsh Acting Secretary April 21, 1997 gaw