MINUTES for the Adjourned, Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees Monday, January 5, 1998, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Council Chamber, Borough of Carnegie, One Glass Street, Carnegie, Pennsylvania PRESIDING: Elizabeth B. Martin, President, Board of Trustees; QUORUM ESTABLISHED. PRESENT: Life Trustees: Mary Hof, Elizabeth B. Martin, Joann Prion, Robert Valeriano, Glenn A. Walsh. Ex-Officio Trustees: Emmett Freshwater, Lawrence Harkovich, Robert Heinrich, James Nelson, James Pascoe, David Pierce, Daniel Straughn. Advisors: Victor Clay, Marcella McGrogan, Allen Turske. ABSENT: Life Trustees: Rosanna Bogats*, Douglas Dombrowski*, Daniel Duvall*, Jean Leipold*, Helen Shick*. Ex-Officio Trustees: None. Library Director: Mary D. Malysko*. *Secretary notified of inability to attend. Call to Order. Consideration of the following proposed amendment to the By-Laws of the Library - This amendment replaces the first two sentences of Section 6 of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library By-Laws as approved in 1900 and amended in 1995(copy of current By-Laws text on reverse side): "MEETINGS Section 6. The regular Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees shall be held in March of each year, at which meeting officers of the Board shall be elected, statements and reports of Officers and Committees of the previous year received, and such other business transacted as may properly be brought before the meeting. At the Annual Meeting, the date and time of the regular Monthly meetings for the following twelve months, and the Annual Meeting in March of the next year, shall be approved by the Board. This Annual Schedule of Meetings shall be proposed by the President, and this proposal must be included in the meeting notice for the Annual Meeting. The Board shall meet on a monthly basis, no less than ten times per year. The location of meetings shall be the Andrew Carnegie Free Library, unless specifically indicated otherwise." The Secretary(Acting), Glenn A. Walsh, read the proposed amendment; he then read the section of the By-Laws this amendment would replace, at the request of Valeriano. There was a short discussion. Action: As provided for under authority of Section 22 of the current Library By-Laws, as amended in 1995, which states: "Amendment of By-Laws Section 22. These By-Laws, or any section thereof, may be amended or repealed by two-thirds vote of the whole Committee at the Annual meeting, or at any special meeting called for that purpose, provided the resolution be presented in writing at least thirty days prior to date when said matter is to be voted upon." Vote in Favor of By-Laws Amendment - Aye: 12, Naye: 0, Abstentions: 0. The By-Laws of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library were so amended. Prompt Adjournment. January 12, 1998 Respectfully submitted, Glenn A. Walsh gaw Secretary(Acting)