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                                                                                                2007 November 28


Jennifer Crosby, Library Director

Granby Public Library
1 Library Lane
Granby, Massachusetts 01033

Electronic Mail: < jenni.crosby@gmail.com >


Dear Ms. Crosby:


As author of the History of Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie Libraries Internet web site

                                < http://www.andrewcarnegie.cc >,

I am delighted to be able to congratulate the Staff, Management, and Board of Trustees of the Granby Public Library, as well as the Town Government

and the Citizens of Granby, Massachusetts, on the very impressive milestone of 90 years of public service of the Granby Public Library!


Although the History of Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie Libraries web site does not have a comprehensive list of Carnegie Libraries at this time,

it does have links to several other web sites with comprehensive regional and state lists of Carnegie Libraries, including the web site,

New England Carnegies < http://www.necarnegies.com >, which includes a page on the Granby Carnegie Library. In honor of the

90th anniversary of the Granby Public Library, I have now also included an entry on your library in the History of Andrew Carnegie and

Carnegie Libraries web site at the link:

< https://andrewcarnegie.tripod.com/cfl.html#granby >.


Andrew Carnegie strongly believed that public libraries belonged in the neighborhoods and small towns of America, not just large main libraries

in the big cities. For this would be the best way to get books in the hands of the common man.


The Granby Public Library is certainly one of the smallest of the Carnegie Libraries, having been constructed for the grand sum of $5,000 in 1917.

However, while many larger Carnegie Libraries have disappeared for various reasons, your Carnegie Library has stood the test of time as one of the

pinnacles of your community.


And, as you look ahead to an enhanced library structure sometime in the future, I urge you to keep the best of your historic facility, while adding on to

improve service to the community. The inclusion, in any new structure, of the historic front façade, unique sections of the interior, and the historic furnishings

would go a long way to connect the past with the future of library service in your community.


Again, congratulations on 90 years of library service to the public, in your historic Carnegie Library, and best wishes for the future!


Sincerely yours,


Glenn A. Walsh




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                Corinne H. Smith, Webmaster, New England Carnegies Web Site < chsmith@berkshire.net >

                Al Kamper, retired District Services Coordinator, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh