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2010:   The time has come for Open Government!

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he Open Government Amendment to Pittsburgh's City Charter replaces the top down method of community decision making with a grassroots up approach.   A welcome positive change, it provides a framework for concerned citizens to more effectively generate other, much needed changes throughout their community.

The most frequent criticism of the Open Government Amendment heard so far has been, "we need this even more at the (county/state/national) level of government."   Well, the amendment has been crafted with eventual adaptation for both other municipalities and other levels of government in mind.   Pittsburgh and the city level of government is where we are starting.

The remainder of this website provides a quick overview of the amendment, with some background information.   It includes the ballot question and a section for those who want dig in and read the full text of the amendment (or just scan it).   You'll also find an easy way to get involved and help make it happen.

It's simply organized and feel free to jump around:

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