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The following are materials intended for printing out, but you can also access them just for viewing.   They are pdf files with their size listed after their links.

  • Tri-fold flier (181K) -- Handout being given to the public.   It contains the comparison, Status quo vs Open Government, which appears in the Overview section of this website.   Please feel free to print one for yourself and more for friends and neighbors.

  • The Open Government Text (332K) -- The complete text of the amendment showing all changes (additions and deletions) to affected sections of the Pittsburgh City Charter.   This includes the Ballot Question as it is proposed to appear on the election ballot and the Preamble, but it does not include the comments appearing in the text section of this website.
  • The Pittsburgh City Charter (210K) as revised 12-07-2000 is offered as a pdf file for those who wish to see the entire Pittsburgh City Charter.