Pittsburgh Open Government Amendment: the Problem

Open government = better government!

The Problem

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rom legislative shell games to petty politics, City Council and City Administrations have preferred to keep the public in the dark and out of the way, and it's not getting much better.   While Council has made some serious strides to be more open and that is to be commended, it still falls seriously short of what is needed.   Much of what goes on in City government, especially that which is outside of City Council, remains beyond the reach of average citizens.   As the maneuvering of special interests continues, we keep getting less and less democracy and more and more goes wrong.  It's time we reverse this trend!

  • We need better access to all government records and affairs.
  • We need to have our government tell us what they are planning to do before they do it.
  • We need to be able to fully explain to our government what we want it to do.
  • We need a government which will work in collaboration with the general citizenry and not just an elite few.

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