Pittsburgh Open Government Amendment: the Solution

Open government = better government

The Solution

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he solution is to change the practices and structure of City government to open up government and generate better, pro-active public participation.  In particular, provision must be made for:

  • Cablecasting of more government meetings and hearings and access via the Internet to all public government records, meetings, and proceedings.
  • Timely notification of all legislative and administrative matters provided as pre-selectable alerts to anybody who chooses to receive them.
  • Presentations with explanations and answers to questions about proposed legislation before it is introduced to Council so that those affected can have ample opportunity to investigate the matters and reply.
  • A process where any citizen can join with others to develop complete proposals and make full presentations to Council and to the Mayor without being hamstrung by three minute time limits.
  • An ability to better monitor all aspects of city government, including the many authorities and contracted entities providing city services.
  • A dedicated means of proactive public participation which those in power cannot remove when its actions and advocacy do not suit their purposes or when it seeks to hold them accountable.

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