Sec. 102, Definition of certain terms - Pittsburgh Open Government Amendment

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Sec. 102 (additions)

Article 1
Home Rule Powers - Definitions


Four definitions are added to ensure clarity.

102.   Definition of certain terms

The following definitions are added:

"Digital file," "digital form," "digital record," or "digital copy" means a document or copy of a document as an electronically or machine readable file in which digits are used to represent specific information, where the textual content has each character of the alphabet, punctuation, symbols, etc. represented by an exact correspondence to a unique numeric encoding such that the file can be directly computer searchable for particular words or character arrangements, portions of its text readably selectable and extractable, and its textual information obtained for automated or other information processing; where any non-textual visual image, photo, or graphic content is numerically encoded such that it can be accurately recreated and reproduced in at least a comparable, corresponding appearance to its original use in the document; where any non-textual audio and/or video portion is numerically encoded such that the original can be accurately regenerated; and where any programmatic scripting, animation, or other type of document inclusions can be readily operated, run, or replicated.

"Digital file format" means the particular arrangement or encoding schema of data in a digital format which is storable and useable, operable, or readable by specific computer programs; usually identified by unique or nearly unique letter extensions or suffices.

"Online" means having or giving direct access, available from remote locations, through means of networked telecommunication in general usage which is widely and openly accessible to and by the public, including but not limited to the Internet and any such successor which may be developed.

"Webcast" or "webcasting" means the online presentation of the audio and visual record of an event both in real time as it is occurring and on-demand after its occurrence, and, if applicable, with the real time webcast having an ability for interactive participation by the recipient.