Sec. 601: Public right to inspect records - Pittsburgh Open Government Amendment

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Sec. 601

Article 6
Open Government:  Public Access and Involvement


Section 810 of the City Charter becomes 601.   It recognizes and acknowledges the public's "right to know."   It has been moved, unchanged, to serve as the starting point for the rest of Article 6.

601.   Public right to inspect records

City records, the disclosure of which would invade a person's right to privacy, hinder law enforcement, endanger the public safety, or breach a legally recognized duty or confidence or the nondisclosure of which is legally privileged, or which have been prepared for or by the city solicitor for use in actions or proceedings to which the City is or may be a party, shall not be available for public inspection.  All other city records shall be open for public inspection, but the officer, unit head, board or commission or other governmental agency of the City having the care and custody of such records may make reasonable regulations governing the time, place and manner of their inspection.  For the purposes of preservation, copies of city records may be substituted for inspection in lieu of original records.

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