Sec. 602 text - Pittsburgh Open Government Amendment

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Sec. 602

602.   Online access to public records


Puts public information online and makes allowance for future technologies.

All records designated publicly accessible under Section 601 shall as provided herein be available to the public for inspection, review, and use via remote access technologies such as the Internet and other subsequent technologies as may in the future become feasible and in wide usage.


New records go online when created and existing digital records are placed online.

a.       All records created after the effective date of this amendment which are by law open to public inspection and all previously existing, publicly inspectable records which exist in digital form or which have digital copies shall be made available and accessible online.


Old records go online when they are used or copied; this converts those that are currently useful rather than trying to convert everything at once.

b.       The City shall establish a document conversion policy or program for previously existing, publicly inspectable records which exist as physical files (hard copy) but have no digital original or copy; including provisions for such documents to be translated into digital form for online access when copies are made of them or they are used by the City or members of the public.