Sec. 607, Notice - Pittsburgh Open Government Amendment

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Sec. 607

607.   Notice


Online posting of public notices is necessary and is added to any existing requirements for public notice.

a.       All legally required public notice and advertisement of or related to any matter or process administered by, involving, or under the jurisdiction of any City unit of government or agency shall have added to its requirements that it also be posted, at the same time and for no less duration, upon the City website in a section devoted to public notice.   Such section shall be logically organized, readily useable by the general public, and directly accessible by a primary navigation link available throughout the City website, and shall also be identified and accessed through its own subdomain and/or one or more short, easily remembered and entered Internet addresses.   In addition, the non-executive session meetings of agencies, units of government, and entities operating City assets shall be considered public and required to comply with the requirements for notice, comment and public participation under this Article.


Notice by other means such as email listssary and is added to any existing requirements for public notice.

b.       The City shall also establish additional notification processes using such media as may be appropriate and in significant use, including but not limited to email lists to which members of the public may subscribe without fee.


People can select the things they want to know about and then get notified anytime the City prepares to do anything affecting their concerns, before the City acts.

c.       The City shall establish and offer a process of individualized notification about City matters which are currently active or pending, including legislative and administrative decisions or actions, regardless of whether public notice of such is otherwise required by law or regulation.   Such process should enable interested parties to select and register various criteria to be matched and applied to indices provided under Sec. 604(a) for information that is publicly inspectable under Sec. 601.   The registrants shall be provided timely notice when the selected criteria are met; such notification shall occur at the time that the information is indexed, unless otherwise provided by the City's information policy.   The City shall make reasonable accommodations for those requiring alternative means of notification.   In such instances where the cost of individualized notification to a person or organization is not insignificant, the City may charge a fee to cover the cost, as long as provision is also made for reduced or adjusted fees based upon ability to pay and for an in forma pauperis waiver for those who cannot afford to pay.



d.       Notification of matters that are to go before Council shall be given prior to introduction; for administrative and all other matters, notice shall be in adequate time to enable those notified to appropriately act or respond before a decision or subsequent actions may occur.



d.       Placement of online public notice under Sec. 607(a) and a reasonable attempt to provide notice under Sec. 607 (b) and (c) shall have occurred in order for the City to have fulfilled requirements of public notification, regardless of the origin or specific limits of such requirement.



f.       Having successfully posted public notice under Sec 607(a) and exercised due diligence in providing individual notice under Sec. 607 (b) and (c), the City shall not be held responsible for the end delivery of any such notices, except where proof of delivery may otherwise be required by law.