Sec. 616, Implementation of the Citizen Advisory Panel - Pittsburgh Open Government Amendment

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Sec. 616

616.   Implementation of the Citizen Advisory Panel


The first CAP meeting is in City Council chambers unless more space is needed.

a.       Upon the election board certifying ratification of this amendment, Council President shall schedule the first CAP meeting for a weekday evening other than a Friday or legal holiday, to fall on or after the tenth (10th) day, and before or on the sixteenth (16th) day, after the first scheduled date for publication of the meeting notice.  A weather emergency makeup date shall also be scheduled.  The first CAP meeting shall be held in City Council chambers, or, if it is determined that a larger space may be needed, Council President may arrange for adequate space at another readily accessible location.


The City Clerk advertises the meeting and places information on the City website.

b.       No later than the first business day after Council President sets a date for the first CAP meeting, the City Clerk shall place both display and legal ads in each of the daily newspapers published in the City for the earliest available publication date, such ads giving notice of the first meeting of the CAP with a brief explanation and information about the CAP and with the text and an explanation of the Conflict of Interest Provisions which shall apply to the meeting.  A repeat of the display ad shall be placed in the local news section of the same papers' Sunday publication most closely preceding the CAP meeting.  The City shall upon certification also post upon the City website a notice for the first CAP meeting; a copy of the ratified amendment; an explanation and more complete information about the CAP, the CAP Conflict of Interest Provisions, and other pertinent information deemed relevant to the CAP and public participation.


The City Clerk handles CAP membership forms until the CAP is going.

c.       The City Clerk shall be responsible for drafting an initial membership form and for receiving and verifying them from prospective CAP members before and during the initial meeting and until an officer of the CAP is elected who can receive them, after which time the Clerk shall be relieved of such responsibility by delivering the forms to the CAP; the Clerk shall also be responsible for providing initial voting credentials to those qualified to vote at the first CAP meeting.


Council President opens and chairs the first CAP meeting until a temporary chair is elected.

d.       The first meeting of the CAP shall be called to order by the City Council President, who shall, as the first order of business, preside over the nomination and election of a temporary chair, who shall serve until the election of the chair or interim chair.  At Council President's discretion, introductions among attendees may be made before the temporary chair's election or left for the temporary chair to call.  The next orders of business shall be:


The City Solicitor explains the amendment and answers any questions;

      1.       the City Solicitor shall read Sections 610 through 615 and 616(c) and (d) of the City Charter, pertaining to the Citizen Advisory Panel, providing explanations and answering questions;


a quorum for future meetings is set, otherwise half of all members must be present;

      2.       setting the quorum for CAP meetings until set by bylaws;


a bylaws committee is formed;

      3.       election of a CAP Bylaws Drafting Committee and possible adoption of interim bylaws;


a nominating committee is formed; and

      4.       election of a Nominating Committee for Officers and possible election of interim officers;


the next meeting is scheduled.

      5.       setting of the next meeting time and date.


The CAP becomes fully operational after it elects interim officers.

e.       Upon the election of interim officers, the CAP shall assume its full role, rights, obligations, and duties as provided by the Charter.