Sec. 618, City open government policies and reg.s

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Sec. 618

618.       City open government policies and regulations


The City is responsible for filling in the necessary details and making adjustments as necessary to assure open government

The City shall establish, implement, and maintain policies and regulations covering its information, remote participation, notification, and such matters, processes, and procedures as are necessary to assure open government.

a.       Such policies and regulations shall address:


The City can and should take necessary measures to protect individuals and the public from abuses in the acquisition and use of public information.

      1.       abuses and reasonable protections therefrom, improper or disruptive conduct, disciplinary actions, appeals, etc. with relation to Article 6;


ID may be required to assure people are who they say they are; it can protect all involved.

      2.       presentation of verifiable identity for acquisition of some or all public information, for public comment, for individualized notification, or for other forms of public participation; whether, when, and how such may apply; and such associated matters as user registration and sign-in for online access;


Commercial uses of public information and fees for such, if any, are addressed.

      3.       information for commercial use and purposes, and information not online that is generated upon request, including applicable fees, if any;


Handling the details for implementation of the amendment is left to the City.

      4.       implementation of the provisions of this article as expeditiously and effectively as reasonably possible;


New and unforeseen matters are left to the City officials to address.

      5.       such other issues not addressed herein that may arise.

b.       Such policies and regulations shall further provide that:


Public participation is free and online line information are free for noncommercial purposes.

      1.       No fees shall be charged for publicly accessible, online information which is to be used for individual and noncommercial purposes nor for general participation, monitoring, and proactive citizen involvement in the City's governance, unless otherwise provided herein;


Low income users' access to information is protected if information access or handling is contracted with private firms.

      2.       Should the City information base be made available by contract to providers of fee based information services including but not limited to information mining, evaluation, notification, searches, etc., such providers shall be required to provide in forma pauperis waivers and/or pro bono services for groups and individuals who cannot afford their fees.