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Pittsburgh, Apr. 26 – Contrary to the regulations in Title 22 of the Pennsylvania Code, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has announced the hiring of a second non-professional as the new Library Director.


In a prepared statement before Pittsburgh City Council Tuesday morning, Glenn A. Walsh criticized this action saying, “Carnegie Library Board members should not spend their time finding ways to get around State regulations. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh should play by the rules, just as all other public libraries must!”


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Note to Editors and Reporters:  Mr. Glenn A. Walsh authors an Internet web site on the History of Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie Libraries at < >.


He was the Consulting Editor for the April, 1999 issue of Cobblestone magazine; the theme of this particular issue was the life and philanthropies of Andrew Carnegie. Cobblestone is a national history magazine for children published in Peterborough, New Hampshire.


Mr. Walsh served as a Life Trustee on the Board of Trustees of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall in Carnegie, Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2000 (one year as Board Treasurer and two years as Board Secretary). The opinions expressed are those of Mr. Walsh and do not represent the views of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library.