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                                                                                                2004 October 5


Good morning, I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon. Today, I am representing no formal organization.


Last week, the current Library Director of The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh issued a letter to the Library’s Board of Trustees indicating his intention to retire. I am sending a letter to Frank J. Lucchino, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, indicating that this retirement presents Carnegie Library with a golden opportunity to come back into compliance with State law, by hiring a new Library Director who complies with the personnel requirements of Commonwealth Libraries, Pennsylvania Department of Education.


In general, Title 22 of the Pennsylvania Code requires all State-funded public libraries, which have a service area population of 20,000 or greater, to have a head librarian who has, at least, acquired a Masters degree in Library Science. The specifics of Title 22 are detailed in my letter to Mr. Lucchino. A copy of that letter is attached to this statement.


I urge each of you to contact Mr. Lucchino, and other members of the Library’s Board of Trustees, to emphasize the importance to The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, that the Library hire a trained librarian as the new Library Director and come back into compliance with State law.


Over the past year, we have seen The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh abandon the historic Hazelwood Branch Library, in opposition to the wishes of the majority of residents of the Hazelwood neighborhood. The current Carnegie Library Director had also indicated that the historic libraries in the Lawrenceville, West End, Mt. Washington, and North Side neighborhoods may also be abandoned, in favor of smaller storefront-type library operations.


Unfortunately, Pittsburgh is not the only city attempting to abandon their historic Carnegie Libraries. As part of the annual National Preservation Conference, under the auspices of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a meeting was held on this problem last Saturday, at the Louisville Free Public Library in Louisville, Kentucky. David Tessitor, Armand Panson, and I attended this meeting.


At the conclusion of this meeting, it was decided to form a citizens’ network to address the threats to the future of the hundreds of Carnegie Libraries throughout the English-speaking world. I will keep you informed as to the progress of the grass-roots network now being formed.


Thank you.