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                                                2009 December 14


Good afternoon. I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon.


Title 22 of the Pennsylvania Code, Section 141.21, states:


“(C) The library shall be an integral part of general local government.”


This means that any state-funded public library, designated by the municipality as their agency to provide library service, must comply with all state statutes applicable to municipalities, including the Sunshine Act and the Right-to-Know Law. The City of Pittsburgh designated Carnegie Library as their agency to provide library service with the enactment of Ordinance No. 240 on February 25, 1890, which accepted Andrew Carnegie’s generous offer to build libraries for the city.


This interpretation of State law is affirmed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Office of Commonwealth Libraries, in their book A Handbook For Public Library Trustees, Fourth Edition, March 1993, Page 38.


The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has never complied with this state regulation, claiming they are exempt since they are a private organization. Title 22 contradicts this erroneous interpretation. Two letters I sent to Carnegie Library President Ellsworth Brown in 2003, pointing-out this state regulation, were ignored, and I received no reply.


Starting today, The Carnegie Library Board and Management must fully comply with Title 22, including compliance with the Sunshine Act and the Right-to-Know Law.


Attached to this statement (on reverse side) is evidence backing-up the claims I have made.


Thank you.




Also, see reverse side.