February 20, 2010


Glenn Walsh

PO Box 1041

Pittsburgh, PA 15230



Carolyn D. Duronio

Reed Smith LLP

Reed Smith Centre

225 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2716




Re:      Walsh v. Carnegie Library, Docket AP 2009-1150


Dear Parties:


I am writing in regard to the above referenced appeal to confirm my conversation with Mr. Walsh of this afternoon.  Mr. Walsh contacted me seeking permission to provide additional information in support of his position in this appeal.  I agreed to allow an additional submission and Mr. Walsh agreed to extend the deadline for issuing the Final Determination to allow the Library the opportunity to respond to his submission.  The following schedule applies:


            Walsh submission:  January 28, 2010

            Library response, if desired: February 4, 2010

            Final Determination: February 15, 2010


Correspondence by e-mail to abuglione@state.pa.us or fax is acceptable.  Any factual assertions should be supported by a sworn affirmation or affidavit that correlates the requirements of any exemption cited to the facts in this appeal. A Final Determination will be issued on or before February 15, 2010. 


Please include the above docket number on all submissions.  You must copy all parties on any correspondence to the OOR. 


Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.



Audrey L. Buglione

Appeals Officer