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Thank you, Mr. Dunham, for the messages and for providing the "40 %

Construction Documents,"  [what does 40 % mean?] for the proposed

renovation and expansion of Dinosaur Hall at The Carnegie Museum of

Natural History, for public review at the Office of the City Clerk,

City of Pittsburgh.


I reviewed these plans this morning. Although I have looked at

architectural drawings in the past, it took a little time for me to

get my bearings, since I do not know the Museum as well as I know the

Library.However, those architectural drawings, combined with the plans

on your web site


< >


have been helpful.


I do have some questions.


1) In general, I understand that the expansion of Dinosaur Hall will

be into the current outdoor courtyard, between the Museum and the

Library. Is this the entire expansion? Is the proposed Forbes Avenue

entrance pavillion not part of the current project?


2) Will the original 1907 Dinosaur Hall remain, basically intact, with

a new "Dinosaurs in Their World" atrium gallery in addition or

extension? So, then, dinosaurs would be in both galleries? Or is the

new atrium gallery an actual expansion of the original Dinosaur Hall?


3) What is the significance of the area, between Dinosaur Hall and the

new atrium gallery, that is labeled "Transitional Area?" According to

the plan on the web site, it seems it would simply be the contiuation

of Dinosaur Hall into the new Atrium gallery? Is this the case?


4) Will there be skylight[s] over the new Atrium gallery?


5) Will the original Dinosaur Hall balcony remain intact? The

architectural plans seem to show only a balcony at the south end of

the original Dinosaur Hall. Will there be any balcony overlooking the

new Atrium gallery?


6) The Theater will be moved from its curent location [northwest wall

of Dinosaur Hall] to the southast wall of Dinosaur Hall?


7) In the section labeled "Earth," (next to the Hillman Hall of

Minerals and Gems)--

   a) Is this part of the construction project? If so, is the HIllman

Hall part of the construction project?

   b) Will the seismograph remain? Will it remain available during

construction? How will construction affect the seismograph's accuracy?

   c) Will the large Earth globe, that was removed some years ago for

computer stations, be returned?


8) The entire lower level of this area [which is currently the outdoor

courtyard] will become part of the indoor basement? The Library

entrance, to the parking garage through this area, will also be

completely inside? Will this Library entrance corridor be completely

separated from the rest of the basement?




Glenn A. Walsh

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