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                                                                                2003 December 16


Good morning. I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue, Mount Lebanon. Today, I am representing no formal organization.


As I told you last month, I mailed a letter to Carnegie Library President Ellsworth Brown, asking that The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh comply with the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act and the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law, as required by Title 22 of the Pennsylvania Code. Included in the letter were two Right-to-Know Law requests. The certified mail card, returned to me, indicates that Mr. Brown’s office received the letter on November 20.


As you may know, a recent amendment to the Right-to-Know Law requires that replies to such requests be made within five business days. As of December 15, I had received no reply from Carnegie Library. Hence, today I sent a second request, by restricted delivery, asking for the same information under the Right-to-Know Law:


1)       A copy of the minutes of the Library Board meeting which approved a lease for the proposed new Hazelwood Library site;

2)       A copy of the executed lease agreement for the proposed new Hazelwood Library site.


In today’s letter, I included five more Right-to-Know Law requests:


1)       The date, time, and location of the next Library Board meeting, and the schedule of 2004 meetings;

2)       The newspaper(s) Carnegie Library will use to legally advertise their Board meetings;

3)       The exact location in the Main Branch where Board meeting notices will be posted;

4)       A copy of the “strategic planning document” used to justify the abandonment of historic Andrew Carnegie-built library branches;

5)       Statistical information, for each of the last ten years, regarding the Hazelwood Branch Library.


A copy of the December 15 letter to Ellsworth Brown, in its entirety, is included with this statement.


As I stated in the last sentence of my letter, “It is my hope that The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh understands the importance of voluntarily complying with the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law and Pennsylvania Sunshine Act.”


Thank you.