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Who's who among Republicans attend Carnegie GOP rally

Staff Writer

Although Carnegie Borough hasn't had a two-party political system in over 20 years, district Republicans are determined to change that by stirring up excitement with well-known candidates during the GOP gala in town last week.

About 50 people showed up at Republican Day In Carnegie on July 14 including County Executive candidate Jim Roddey, County Council District #4 candidate T.A. Ward, elected officials state Sen. Tim Murphy (R-37), state Rep. John Pippy (R-44) and Common Pleas Judge Terry McVerry.

Also, Allegheny County Republican Chairman Dave Hamstead and Southwest Regional Republican Chairman Herb Ohliger of Scott Township attended the day's activities. In addition, Carnegie Republicans included Carnegie Council candidates Bob Veres, Jay Juffre, and Jennifer Prion.

"The reason why we wanted to have this event today was to let people know about the other elected Republicans," said Veres, chairman of the Carnegie Republican Committee. "I think today, even though we didn't have a great turn out, it was a momentous day in Carnegie."

Although political registration in Carnegie is about four to one Democrat to Republican, Roddey said that from now to November, we need Democrats to win the election.

"I think what is so remarkable in Allegheny County is the quality of life," said Roddey. "We haven't been competitive with no plan and no vision. I'm confident the Republican party will have a majority on County Council. The county needs business leadership."

The unusual event featured a guided tour of the borough's assets including the Historical Society of Carnegie, opening of the mall project, The Andrew Carnegie Free Library and ended with a question and answer session at Red Hots Cafe in the West Mall.

Sen. Murphy agreed with others saying the pedestrian mall in Carnegie just didn't work and was left go too long.

"Join the team," Murphy said. "Join the team who has the vision. This area should be booming being between downtown Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh International Airport."

Elizabeth Greek, former tax collector and the last Republican elected in Carnegie, traveled from from her home in Ohio to attend the day's event.

"I wished we had a two-party system," Greek said during conservative discussions at Red Hots. "A one party system lets the community fall apart and get trashy. If it gets cleaned up, I might even move back."

Even some Democrats turned out for the rare event including the former Mayor of Carnegie Al Falcioni, chairman of the Democrats and Carnegie Councilman Jim Nelson. Falcioni chimed in with Greek saying the town needs two parties.

"Party labels are now history," said Falcioni. "The November election looks good for republicans. A one party system is a dictatorship and we need two parties."

The tour included a few stops at local businesses including Arthur's Cafe and D & J Records on East Main Street. In addition, local business owner Mike Riley of All Pro Painters, Inc. was in attendance and said we can't sustain our businesses by just people who live here, we need people from outside the district.

"We're not giving people reason to stay," said Riley. "We're a gem sitting between Pittsburgh and the airport. We have enthusiasm, but we don't have a plan, we don't have enough parking and we lack cleanliness."

Republican Day In Carnegie will be televised on TCI_Cable TV channel 13 on Friday, July 23 and Friday, July 30 in the evening right before or after the time the borough council is broadcasted.

"We had our event and it was a foundation builder for republican candidates in Carnegie and in the county to get exposure," Veres said after the gala. "Everything was discussed in a positive nature."

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