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The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh:
Original Neighborhood Branches

The following are photographs of some of the original eight branch libraries given to the City of Pittsburgh by Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie felt one library was not enough for larger cities. Pittsburgh was one of the first cities to have an extensive system of neighborhood branch libraries. -

Special Note: This project, to photograph original Carnegie Libraries in Western Pennsylvania, has just begun. More photographs will be added to this page, when they are ready.

Hazelwood Branch

This is the original Hazelwood Branch Library building, of The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, which opened to the public in 1900. It is located about four miles southeast of Downtown Pittsburgh, serving the Monongahela River valley neighborhoods of Hazelwood, Glenwood, and Glen Hazel. Photographs 1 through 3 show the front library entrance to the Hazelwood Branch.

Although smaller, neighborhood library branches were considered as important as large libraries. Photographs 4 and 5 show an ornamental dome skylight over the circulation desk of the Hazelwood Branch. Photographs 6 and 7 show the Auditorium, on the lower level of the Hazelwood Branch building. Photograph 8 shows the Auditorium entrance, in the rear of the building.

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Main Branch, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Main Branch, Photo Album

Allegheny Regional Branch

Constructed in 1890 as an independent Carnegie Free Library for the City of Allegheny, this library became the Allegheny Regional Branch of The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in 1956(even though the City of Pittsburgh annexed Allegheny City in 1907).

Allegheny Regional Branch Photo Album

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