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A Note About News Articles in These Archives

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A Note About News Articles in These Archives

Note: The news reports listed in the news archives are a bibliography of selected news articles and other materials related to the topic indicated. In most cases, clicking on the active link will transfer the full-text version of the news article to your monitor. Although all of these links were good links when originally placed on the web page, as time goes on, you may find that some of these links become dead-links. This occurs as the host publication transfers the news article from the original URL address to a different address for an archive.

In the case of many periodicals, these news articles would then be available only from a specific free-of-charge or a pay-per-view archive sponsored by that publication [or the publication's commercial archive service]. Hence, those articles which cannot be read from this web page could be accessed by accessing the archive of the particular newspaper or magazine of interest.

In the case of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a pay-per-view archive is used for articles written more than three years ago, back to 1990 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette articles date back to 1992; articles from The Pittsburgh Press, which suspended publication permanently in 1992, date from 1990 to 1992). Check the following Internet address for these archives, as well as archives to many other news media sources from across the nation:

< >.

Articles older than 1990, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or The Pittsburgh Press [or in several other major American newspapers ("NewsBank") including The New York Times] can be found in Google's new on-line microfilm archives at this Internet address:

< >.

HOWEVER, if you have an Electronic Information Network public library card issued by The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh or one of the suburban libraries in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania [with the possible exception of the Monroeville, Northland, or Upper Saint Clair Public Libraries], you may receive free-of-charge access to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette news archive (1992 to present) and The Pittsburgh Press news archive (1990 to 1992) by going to the following web page and entering your library card number:

< >.

More recent articles are accessible for no charge; hence the articles below, less than three years old, should have active links.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is one of the few major metropolitan daily newspapers which has a free-of-charge archive, back to 1988. Check the following Internet addresses for the archive page:

For articles from early 1988 through 2002 August:
< >

For articles from 2002 February to the present:
< >.

The Library of Congress provides an on-line service called Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, which provides a searchable database of the pages of select American newspapers between the years 1860 and 1922. This database includes pages from one Pittsburgh newspaper, the Pittsburgh Dispatch (which actually published between 1846 and 1923). The Chronicling America service can be accessed at the following link:

< >.

Otherwise, these articles could be read from microfilm archives, for no charge, at many of the Carnegie Libraries in the Pittsburgh region.

However, there are active links to the majority of articles cited.

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